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 Deciding to gather feedback from your people is easy to say but has the potential to be a little more complicated in reality. These projects are high profile and can raise expectations. Your requirements don’t always fit neatly into the suppliers approach. We have been working with large and small organisations for years. Our clients span sectors, job levels and countries. If we have learnt one thing during this time it’s that you need a survey partner who is flexible and has more than one option.

To start the conversation we have four options:


Completion Time: 5 mins

This questionnaire is designed to gather a wide range of information very quickly. It only takes a few minutes to complete but will give you a remarkable level of insight and recommendations that will increase engagement levels. Specifically, we measure levels of engagement and risk (people who are less engaged or thinking of leaving of leaving). Feedback on peoples' experience of working at the organisation against 14 constructs that impact on engagement. Our reports also include a detailed list of the key actions to improve engagement (as identified by candidates).

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Completion Time: 20 mins

This takes a familiar format to engagement surveys. At the heart of the questionnaire is a proven employee engagement model that has a number of questions to provide deep insight into each area. We include an explicit measure of engagement (we ask if people are engaged rather than inferring). Increasingly organisations need to understand the relationship between engagement and performance. We have included a section looking at “readiness to perform” to help answer this. At the top level, the performance section assesses levels of Clarity, Confidence and Enablement.

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Completion Time: 20 mins

This is a very new and sophisticated approach to measuring peoples engagement at work and deserves its own page. Please click here for a more detailed insight.


We understand that your organisations requirements may not easily fit into our core model or approach (even when we have customised them). But delivering a great survey experience isn’t always as easy as it seems. We work with clients to help them create great questions measuring the organisations key issues. We provide the support to build, deliver and report this data back exactly as you need it.

Why work with us?

Just a few areas where we add a bit more than others:

  • The person who “sells” the service is the constant point of contact through the project. We don’t have junior sales people working on commission and disappear when you agree the work. You deal with an experienced partner (who is invested in your project).
  • Quality thinking, our questionnaires are based on proven and well researched models that are relevant for today’s working environment. It might sound a little dull, but without a solid base the project just doesn’t work.
  • A range of unique and creative options in questionnaire content and approach. We can customise, benchmark, include performance ratings (to show how engaged your best people are), identify those at risk of leaving and much more.
  • Painless to set-up the process and we don’t use huge amounts of your time.
  • We really understand the risk associated with high profile engagement survey projects.
  • Proven track record with globally respected brands.
  • Fantastic reports making key findings easy to understand and action.
  • Super-fast turn round of results.
  • We handle all candidate questions for you.
  • Practical advice through every stage.
  • Sensible pricing.
  • Feedback that makes senior managers really take notice and engage.

If you would like to discuss any of our Talent Engage questionnaires and your requirements please call us on +44 (0) 333 012 4649 or complete this enquiry form.

Organisations using our services include:

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