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 Traditional surveys tend to ask employees if they’re ‘happy’ or ‘unhappy’ with elements of their employment experience, but not whether these elements are actually important to them.

For example, how important is the pension package to those in their early twenties? Or does every employee worry that opportunities for promotion are limited? This may be true for some, but is promotion important to everyone?

Our response to these failings has been to create an innovative, practical approach.

  • We focus on factors that underpin organisational performance, which engages senior management in the process.

  • We explicitly tell (rather than inferring) you the areas most important to your employees.

  • We enable organisations to re-engage their top talent and other key employees on a one-to-one basis.

Ultimately we’ll provide you with a clear set of prioritised actions (gathered direct from employees) that will drive engagement at an individual and strategic level. This means you’re never left standing alone at the end of a survey initiative wondering, “So what do we do now?”

Turning survey results into commercial achievement

Sometimes the managers who are asked to implement change do not understand a survey’s findings. This often means that organisations often focus interventions on low scoring areas, but not always on the issues that are actually important. Or worse, results go in the filing cabinet as managers and leaders focus on KPI’s and other business metrics that affect them directly. You may even get the dismissive response, “Engagement is HR’s responsibility.”

Our approach will ensure that senior management is engaged in the process. We’ll provide insights and feedback that will enable them to focus on aspects that will drive performance and that provide a baseline for measuring subsequent improvement. This will create a talent driven strategy with interventions that are specific, measurable and have the maximum commercial impact; this is because they are based on what employees feel is important, rather than inferred from statistical analysis.

This ability to instantly action the survey feedback through clearly defined, employee driven, recommendations is just one of the commercial benefits of our unique approach to engagement.

Key outcomes and outputs

Our approach allows your organisation to be even more accurate, and quicker in your action planning in two ways. Firstly, it asks employees to select one action that will increase their engagement. Secondly, it can produce reports for individuals (sent directly to the person or accessible to HR), which means that engagement conversations can happen with key talent within days of the survey closing. Opposed to the traditional months of meetings to create action plans and an organisational communication strategy.

How we’ll do this…

  • Our questionnaire is delivered online to all employees (and by self-admin pages and paper booklets for those who require it)

  • We work with you to understand critical business drivers, define key talent pool and identify groups of ‘must engage’ employees

  • Ensure that the required resources are earmarked prior to launch

  • Customise the questionnaire to ensure it is fit for your purpose

  • Create tangible actions to increase engagement

  • Free text feedback

  • Quick and easy to complete with a typical completion time of 15 minutes.

What you’ll receive…

  • Report outputs for the entire business

  • Performance profile, overall engagement, importance profiles, and overall levels of satisfaction

  • Immediate, tangible actions that you can take to drive engagement, which can be broken down by key groups talent/leaders/job/location

  • If you wish, each individual receives a personal feedback report

  • Targeted interventions to drive engagement for the individual

  • Plus a range of supporting toolkits, workshops, workbooks to support engagement.

Key outcomes you can expect to see…

As a result of adopting our approach (rather than the simply rolling out a traditional employee engagement survey), the key outcomes will include:

  • Defined key talent pool - identified group of must engage employees

  • The ability to re-engage your talent and massively reduce direct and indirect costs of turnover

  • Quality development and career planning conversations for every employee – or simply targeted at key groups

  • A ‘self-service’ framework for every employee to access support, rather than the organisation having to ‘force’ programmes on people.

In summary we can help you to engage your talented individuals, teams, or entire workforces in a quicker smarter way, and all by taking the time to ask the right questions.


So there’s only question left to ask, what are you waiting for?
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