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 Our business is built on the ability to deliver questionnaires and the results to some of the world’s biggest brands. Our clients demand flexibility in design, have expectations of service quality and reporting that would terrify most SaaS providers.


We test, test and re-test. We use expert third-party security consultants who try to break us, they use industry grade software such as IBM’s AppScan and HP’s WebInspect. Even our own clients' IT experts try and break our systems. Everything we do is encrypted and re-encrypted.


Your logo here, your logo there, your logo everywhere. Your own email content and report templates, if you want. Maybe you’d prefer your own fonts, images and branding. We’ll even deliver your own satisfaction and engagement questionnaires.

We can also integrate with existing HR systems (see Service Integration FactSheet Document opens in new window [270Kb, PDF]) and much more besides.


Whether the browser of choice is Safari on a Mac, Google Chrome or Firefox on Windows, or good ole Internet Explorer, users and candidates alike enjoy the same experience. It also all works on the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry handhelds.


We regularly support huge employee surveys (e.g. 5000+ employees spread across every continent and in all major languages) and our lack of support requests and average completion rates of 85% is proof enough of our reliability.

A detailed overview of our technology can be found here Document opens in new window [PDF, 400Kb].


Organisations using our services include:

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