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» This is not a traditional engagement survey

 We believe Talent Engage Plus is quite special – the content is very different, the outputs are quite unique and the way in which the results can be shared is revolutionary. But you wouldn’t expect us to be anything less than positive about it would you? So, rather than let us try to convince you why don’t you see it in action?

Complete the form below you will be able to access the “standard” version of Talent Engage Plus. The questionnaire takes about 15 minutes to complete and covers a range of areas including:

 - What is really important in maintaining your commitment at work?

 - How satisfied are you at the moment?

 - How does the organisation enable you to perform?

 - Are you really engaged or considering a move?

Once you have completed the questionnaire you will have access to your personal engagement report and some supporting a materials to help you get the most from the results.

Information we ask about you

Just so you know, in the first section of the questionnaire we do ask some personal questions. Please be assured that we only use this information for research and our commitment to providing equal opportunities for all. Your data collected here is only used on an anonymous and aggregated basis. We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and we will not sell or misuse any information you provide. The email address you provide will only be used to send you an email containing your report link and gather your feedback on using Talent Engage.

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Firstly, we cannot control your personal security settings (meaning on occasion our emails are blocked) so please add "" and "" to your safe senders list. Also check your "junk" or "spam" folders if you don't hear from us.

We personalise the experience so please do use your real first name and last names, rather than abbreviations or random characters.

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